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Creative base

To create is for me a long process which is about studying, exploring and adapting sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Forming and sculpting with my hands makes me calm and enables me to become one with what I create, and the process of creation works like a vent for what resides inside me. To master difficult materials and reshape ideas into jewellery is a quality assurance for me.

To really see, is for me about going deep within something, seeing all the details and feeling everything that can’t be expressed with words. I experiment until I find the perfect way of expression through shapes and colours that intuitively feels right. This provides a soul to every piece of jewellery. Aesthetics are as important to me as the conceptual part and I want to create timeless and elegant design. At the same time I want to challenge in relation to colors and sizes.

My expression is to be found in a combination of Scandinavian design with the pure, simple shapes and inspiration from nature on one side and more decorative details and playful Italian design. I like to work with contrasts, it is a challenge and finding a balance that works gives more interesting results.

Finding a connection to the jewellery on a deeper level than the material, is the driving force behind my joy of creating. It is about more than meets the eye.

Moving on the borderline between art and jewellery is very interesting and I like to work with jewellery as a communication channel. To appeal to the feelings and thoughts as well as the purely visual creates room for interpretation, reflection, afterthought and discussion. It provides a depth and substance and jewellery may no longer simply be understood as a material object.