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All are closely related in a Universe that is infinitely large. The Moon circles in fixed orbit around Earth and together with the Sun they affect high tide and low tide. Photosynthesis converts light energy from the Sun into oxygen – our vital necessity. Humans are born, live and leave this Earth and everything continues in an eternal circle. The Universe is at any time in perfect balance and we are just a tiny speck in relation to the big picture.

Although there are millions of people on this Earth all have unique fingerprints. Some leaves deep imprint long after their existence while others are forgotten. Everything is relative, but art is everlasting…



The Universe is in perfect balance, but are the people who live here? Do we live in harmony with the Earth, with each other, with ourselves? Every day the Earth and those who live here face challenges and problems that creates imbalance, and therefore an everlasting quest for balance will exist.

Humans are creative beings and we can create reality as we prefer through art. Creative force can arise when in a state of balance and free flow. It can also arise in a state of chaos. Through art we can express, feel, disappear and experience something larger than ourselves. It appeals to our senses, emotions and imagination and do not demand or expect, and let us be ourselves. It becomes a space where you can relax and exist unconditionally. Art becomes a refuge from an otherwise hectic world that has loud opinions about who to be and how. It allows for a common language in spite of different ethnicities and geographic affiliation and offers a unity without words. Art is many things and it provides balance. That is why art is so important.



For me exploring art is an interesting and lifelong project where I will face new tasks and develop different expressions as time goes by. The essential through my process of creating is the five elements: water, fire, earth, air and spirit. Together they are the sum of all that excites and represents balance.

People will always search for balance between masculine (yin) and feminine (yang) energies. My creative force is inspired by mankind’s eternal quest for equilibrium, harmony and a sense of free flow. In a world dominated by masculine energy, I became familiar with my more feminine energy in the world of art and I have never looked back.

During the entire process from idea to the foundation of TOVE MOSS it has been and is still essential to retrieve impetus from my feminine energy. I also collect strength and inspiration from strong women close to me and in society that dares to follow their own path, and accomplished great achievements for themselves and others. They inspire others with courage and faith in themselves. I want my jewellery to be a tribute to you.